So if you haven’t figured it out yet, I am big on timing. Timing truly is everything; from your protein intake to when you are eating your six meals a day. It took me a long time, almost 8 years to be exact, to figure out why I was not seeing the results that I wanted. I was eating clean, getting my recommended amount of protein, and eight hours of sleep. I was thoroughly confused until I finally asked an experienced bodybuilder what he was doing to get a more defined look. He diagnosed my problem very quickly.  It was because my timing was off. I was not only eating at the wrong times, but I was also performing certain exercises at the wrong times as well. For everyone who is interested in burning fat specifically, lock in, today’s blog post was made for you.

It is common knowledge that cardio is king when it comes to fat loss. I am not going to get into the physiological side of things, but what you need to know is that exercises that fall within the range of aerobic ATP production (cardio) are the ones that primarily burn fat from your body. Sustained physical activities that produce an elevated heart rate for at least 10 minutes or more will lead to your fat stores being used primarily as energy. I want you to remember that we are talking about fat loss not total weight loss here. There are two other systems as well. There is the phosphagen ATP production system which is primarily used for shorter more intense activities, such as sprinting or weight lifting. There is also the anaerobic ATP production system. This system is similar to the Phosphagen system in that it’s ATP production is limited, just not as limited. We will dive into these two systems at a later time.

The best time that I have found to perform cardio is right after weight lifting. Why? The reason why is because after a good lifting session your anaerobic and phosphagen ATP production systems are sure to be exhausted and not a viable source of energy for your body. Thus your body will have to rely even more on its aerobic system to provide the energy needed to lets say run on an elliptical for 45 minutes. Work smarter not harder. We all work hard enough. Switching something as simple as when you perform your cardio can make a world of difference. 

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