Training Philosophy

Why Health Coaching and Not Just Training

For too long, we as a society have treated physical and mental health as two different constructs, but that way of thinking has contributed to the overweight, overmedicated, and anxious world that we live in now. There is only health. You can’t have a healthy body with a clouded mind or vice-versa. I came to grips with this realization over the last seven years as I progressed in my yoga and coaching practice. Secondly, we tend to treat health as an activity one does for an hour or two a day. I wish it were that simple, but a healthy life requires a re-alignment of values and sustainable lifestyle habits.

How Health Coaching Works

I start with the physical. Most people only seek help once they have physical ailments or do not like how they look. Almost always, this is just a symptom of more pressing issues. Nonetheless, focusing on long-term matters is impossible when you’re physically in pain or self-conscious. Thus we use movement to prepare the body for a sustainable lifestyle change.

Once the body is conditioned to exist without discomfort, we begin self or guided meditation to unravel mental blockages that prevent the individual from developing habits that promote a healthy lifestyle.

Weekly coaching begins once the physical and self-awareness regimens are established. Coaching depends entirely on the individual’s needs, desires, and timeline. Some people may find they need a change in nutrition and sleep, while others may want to change careers to live a more fulfilling life. Regardless, I have the tools necessary to help others pursue their version of a healthy lifestyle.

What Progressive Means To Us

We have known about alternative therapy methods for decades. Still, due to our economic reliance on prescription drugs, so-called authoritarian organizations have shunned the use of cannabis and other psychedelics in treating chronic diseases. Instead of continuing down a path that has proven ineffective, I have followed unbiased scientific findings while experimenting, educating, and proving that natural remedies are safe and effective in treating chronic ailments and promoting more fulfilling lives.

Training Gallery

My Clients

I’ve trained 1K+ people in my 7 years of experience, and each has taught me something new. Is your face on the wall?